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Last night, I was laying in bed with Eric and just thinking about when my son was one and two and how much of a fun time in life that was. But my brain never lets me stop at “that was a fun time.” So instead, I turned away, and started nearly hyperventilating with sobs.  […]

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Mamas, give yourself grace

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Family snuggling together at Christmas Tree Farm

Probably the most popular question a photographer receives is, “what do I wear?” Since I’ve realized that your style and wardrobe will be different for different session types, I figured I would write a bit about what I recommend wearing, especially for my style of photography. This post is for Tree Farm Mini Sessions in […]

What to Wear: Tree Farm Family Photography

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mom and dad crouched down kissing son on cheeks.

This seems like such a silly post, especially from the perspective of a photographer, but let me tell you some other things about me. When I’m not taking photographs, I’m a budgeting guru, a personal finance maven, and an early retirement evangelist. I believe in spending your money where it is meaningful to you, and […]

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Why I Pay for Family Photography | Connecticut Family Photographer


mom with newborn baby and toddler daughter

So your newborn photography session is coming up, you’ve read How to Prepare for Your Newborn Lifestyle Session, and now you’re wondering what actually happens when I’m at your house? First, I’m going to wash my hands.When I come in, we’ll say hi and meet, and then I’m going to wash my hands. I do […]

What to Expect During Your Newborn Lifestyle Session | Connecticut Newborn Photographer


mother holding baby in nursery

Before your big day of newborn photos, let’s talk about how to prepare yourself and your home for the best, most stress-free session possible. I know, you just had a baby and I’m asking to come into your home to take photos. I’m sure you think I’m a little crazy, but I promise, it’s worth […]

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How to Prepare for Your Newborn Lifestyle Session | Connecticut Newborn Photographer


Newborn baby yawning

I wanted to write this because I’m an open book, and a lot of people might think it’s really weird that I love newborn photography. See, here’s the deal. My son is an only child. Not by choice, and hopefully not forever. I’ve been struggling with secondary infertility for almost 4 years. If you’ve ever […]

Why Do I Love Newborn Photography? | Connecticut Newborn Photographer

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